A special broadcast to all GFG Alliance colleagues across the world

A special broadcast to all GFG Alliance colleagues across the world

The winners of the 2021 Chairman’s Global Excellence Awards will be announced by our Executive Chairman, Sanjeev Gupta during a special broadcast to all GFG Alliance colleagues across the world at 12:00 BST on Thursday 30 September.

The winners will be chosen from the finalists in six categories:

• Family | Safety
• Family | Partnership
• Sustainability | Economic
• Sustainability | Social
• CN 30

The 24 finalists are:

From Rotherham Steel & Bar, in the UK, the GreBar Development Team
For developing the new GreBar product and getting it to market from scratch.
From LIBERTY Whyalla, Australia, Kevin, Gary, Wesley, Richard, Roger, and Jules, for manufacturing their own in-house snorkels, making them more efficiently and at a lower cost.
From LIBERTY Ostrava, in the Czech Republic, Petr W., Jakub, Petr H., Miroslav, Proloy, Stanislav and Martin, for the design and implementation of a new hydraulic manipulator.
From GFG Alliance, the Global Communications Team for the creation and delivery of the SPOKEN podcast.
From SIMEC Mining in Australia, the Environment and Community Team, for developing a corrective action management plan to rehabilitate the Myrtle and Redbank Creeks.
From LIBERTY Ostrava in Czech Republic, Richard, Vit, Ladislav, Thomas, and David, and Pavla, for the successful build of a new mathematical modelling system.

Family | Safety
From SIMEC Mining in Australia, the Tahmoor Longwall Team, for the safe and cost-effective replacement of the relay bars.
From InfraBuild Laverton Steel, Australia, Sean Aherne, from, for his engagement in the I Am Here project.
From LIBERTY Magona, Italy, Alessandro, Marco, Alberto, Roberto C. and Roberto D. For introducing a new way of identifying and assessing risk in the cold rolling mill department.

Family | Partnerships
From LIBERTY Georgetown, USA, the Georgetown family, for their amazing work
with the local community, and for striving to keep Georgetown beautiful.
From InfraBuild in Australia, Sean Aherne, for his inspiring work as an I Am Here Ambassador.
From the GFG Alliance, the Global Communications Team, for the successful creation of the SPOKEN podcast.

Sustainability | Economic
From LIBERTY Skopje, North Macedonia -Toni and Vlatko for the internalisation of the scrap management processes.
From LIBERTY Steel USA, the Red Brand team for a record year in 2020
From, LIBERTY Powder Metals, UK, for turning an R&D concept into a manufacturing business.
From GFG Alliance team in Sydney – the Australian Tax Team, for continuously striving towards economic sustainability.
From LIBERTY Magona in Italy – the PKL and OCL teams for a successful restart of the Paint Line 1 and the Pickling Line after their recent shutdown.
From InfraBuild Australia – Stephen Porter, for the development and successful implementation of the Advantage Programme.

Sustainability | Social
From InfraBuild in Australia, the InfraBuild Building Products Marketing Team for their work on the national Support Australian Steel campaign.
From LIBERTY Skopje in North Macedonia, Ivana Petruschevska, Maja Simonovska,
and Vesna Velichkovska for their internship programme.
From InfraBuild Austube Mills, Australia’s, Nathan Haddow, for his contribution to the business’ cultural improvement programme, the creation of a barbecue meeting point.

CN 30
From the Lochaber Energy and Marble Power, UK for successfully entering Lochaber’s hydro plant into the UK’s balancing mechanism.
From InfraBuild in Australia, the Construction Solutions and Technical Development Teams for bringing a new and more sustainable product to market.
From JAHAMA Highland Estate, Scotland, UK for their numerous activities in helping to achieve carbon neutrality, including the peatland restoration project.

Link to the broadcast site: Join Sanjeev on Thursday 30th September at 12:00hrs BST here https://gfg-events.com/main-event/



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    • Poggi Luigi
    • 30 September, 2021

    Beautiful event and beautiful all the projects presented. Congratulations and thank you very much.


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