Aid For Ukrainian Refugees – Organised By LIBERTY Ostrava

Aid For Ukrainian Refugees – Organised By LIBERTY Ostrava

YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! That was the message from LIBERTY Ostrava to the people of Ostrava on social media following the response to the message below.

“PLEASE HELP. A bus of refugees from Ukraine will find a short-term refuge tomorrow, Monday, in our accommodation facility Kovák hotel. Women and children will come from the war-torn country. Our smelter has freed up and prepared 90 places for them, so part of the capacity will remain free tomorrow. However, Kovák is currently missing enough toilet paper, towels and bath towels. Refugees are likely to arrive with a minimum of things, so other hygiene items, soap, toothpastes, creams, feminine hygiene items, but also, for example, bottled water, drinks and toys for children and other small things would undoubtedly also come in handy. We are already providing tea and the first meal for refugees. Please, if you can, bring some of these supplies to the Kovák hotel reception, there will be boxes ready for them. Should it turn out on Monday that something else will be needed, we will immediately inform you again via social networks.”

In the morning, the lobby of Kovák was full of donated items from the people of Ostrava, in fact there was so much that they were running out of space, but it was a problem they were happy to deal with. The LIBERTY team continued to thank everyone for the speed of response and their generosity and keep people updated via social media.

According to information from the Organization for Aid to Refugees, the bus was delayed due to complications at the border, but when it arrived it brought women and children to the safety of the Kovák hotel on the LIBERTY Ostrava site.

The team have provided shelter to 51 refugees of which 31 are staying at the Kovák  hotel, the rest continued to another destination after some sleep and getting food and other necessities (most of those who are staying are families of our employees, 15 are kids, the youngest is only 6 months old). Another c. 20 people are on the way to join.

LIBERTY Ostrava are arranging for the food with the local Food Bank) and provide a hot meal a day. Employees and local people provide things that are needed (e.g. Czech SIM cards and telephones so that the refugees may communicate), we help them with going through all formalities and are in touch with authorities to help them with schooling,  getting jobs etc.

Headline picture: Picture drawn by Ostrava’s guests, banner reads ,”Diky Moc”, “Thanks a lot”.

Top picture: Members of the LIBERTY Ostrava team sort through the large quantity of items donated for distribution to the incoming Ukrainian refugees


    • kushasan behera
    • 8 March, 2022

    It is very Good Help by GFG Ostrava.

    • Leslie
    • 9 March, 2022

    Never been so proud to be an employee of this Company. Thank you for helping these beautiful families. I truly hope that in amongst the sadness, destruction, devastation and the catastrophe in all this, somehow they can find a glimmer of hope. What a long journey it is for these people of Ukraine. My heart breaks for the families. Could GFG in each country not set up a charity with HR for the people of Ukraine where we can donate money to help with the housing, food and humanitarian aid.


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