ALVANCE Duffel improves health and safety with ISO 45001 certification

ALVANCE Duffel improves health and safety with ISO 45001 certification

ISO 45001 is an international standard for health and safety at work. By meeting the extensive criteria and receiving this certificate, ALVANCE Duffel in Belgium demonstrate their commitment to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all their employees.

As part of their annual safety action plan in 2021, the site decided to aim for ISO 45001 certification. A number of their automotive customers are also in favour of this internationally recognised standard for occupational health and safety.

A healthy and safe workplace for everyone

The aim of implementing a health and safety system is to provide a structured framework for risk management. The system also aims to further improve performance in areas including physical strain, machine safety, psychosocial strain and situations such as fire and hazardous products. In short, the system aims to create a healthy and safe workplace for everyone.

Successful implementation within one year

The team at Duffel says: “We were able to implement within one year, thanks to our pre-existing advanced safety system in our internal management system. Even so, it was a huge amount of work in a short time. A lot of additional procedures had to be written and adapted; internal audits had to be organised; and a management review put together. In December 2021, the external certification audit was organised. We had four shortcomings, of which one was a major one. This was quickly resolved and after verification in January we were awarded the ISO 45001 certificate! We would especially like to thank Kathleen Snijders, Sustainability Manager, who took the lead in this project and the rest of the EHS team for their efforts.”

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