Aussie Summer Safety Series: new and casual workers

Aussie Summer Safety Series: new and casual workers

You might be surprised to learn that in our business, workers with 2 years or less experience in their roles account for around 40% of all injuries. That’s a huge number, although not entirely surprising when you think about it. 

The increased risk is linked to a lack of job experience and familiarity with the work environment, it is also thought that new and casual workers may be reluctant to raise issues and eager to impress work mates and leaders.

We all have responsibilities when it comes to supporting our less experienced work mates.

New to the task as a new starter or casual

  • Know who your supervisor is and how to contact them
  • STOP and THINK before you GO
  • Read and understand task documentation
  • Follow the procedure / work instructions
  • STOP if something changes or you’re not sure
  • Report any hazards, incidents and concerns

Supervising a new starter or casual

  • Take them to the work site
  • Take them through the task documentation
  • Complete a pre-task risk assessment with them
  • Supervise their work, get them started and check-in regularly
  • Reinforce with them to STOP and seek out assistance if something changes or they are unsure. (Make sure they have your contact details, if you are not going to stay onsite)

Working with a new starter or casual

  • Help them to become familiar with the workplace, including safety requirements
  • If you see that they are at risk, you must intervene if it is safe to do so. Try to help them find a safer way if possible
  • Report any hazards and incidents.

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    • Bill Ferris
    • 11 January, 2021

    Agree with all above in Rockhampton we have a high turnover of people due to various reasons and know the value of steering new workers through their early period on the job.


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