Breaking barriers with LIBERTY Częstochowa

Breaking barriers with LIBERTY Częstochowa

Our people in LIBERTY Częstochowa in Poland celebrated a successful ‘Break the Barriers’ event, where more than 300 people with disabilities took part in the Sports Olympiad.

The event took place at the local athletics stadium, which was organized in collaboration with the Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre.

As befits the real Olympics, the event started with a parade of teams and the Olympic flag on the pitch.

Participants from 27 kindergartens and integration and special schools, as well as charity foundations, centres and associations working with disabled people – children and adults – took part in the competition.

Competitions included relay and obstacle races, distance jumping, ball throwing, tug-of-war in wheelchairs, and a turtle race in which participants had to crawl through a tunnel of balloons.

At the end of the Olympics all the competitors were presented with medals while the institutions they represented were given commemorative statues.

Krishnamoorthy Venkatasubramanian, the Executive Director of LIBERTY Częstochowa, said: “We want to actively participate in the social life of Częstochowa and organizing sports competitions which has given disabled people so much joy is a great satisfaction for us.”

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