Catching up with the 2021 winners…

And just like that the 2022 Chairman’s Global Excellence Awards are underway! Stories are coming in from all over the world of passionate people who care about making a change through their work.

We caught up with a few of last year’s winners to hear what it meant to them and why it’s worth getting involved. Check out what they had to say…

“Every day, I come to work and see that ‘winner’ banner. It’s an awesome feeling.”

Jason Ford from LIBERTY Steel Georgetown USA. The Georgetown family were winners in the Family I Partnership category for their amazing work within the local community, and for striving to keep Georgetown beautiful

“When Sanjeev said that we won, I wanted to share it with everyone, my whole family, my wife. I wanted to jump up and scream but had to compose myself because there’s a room full of guys, you know?”

“I encourage everyone to enter this award. Back in 2021, when we found out that we won it was such an amazing feeling. Every day I come to work now and I see that banner and it’s just an awesome feeling. Please everyone, do your best and enter.”

“Nominating someone means that you recognise their achievements”

Sean Aherne from InfraBuild Laverton Australia. Winner of the Shine Award

“I was extremely surprised and it meant the world to me that my work was recognised by my peers and it’s given more backing to the programme that I’m passionate about.”

“Nominating someone means that you recognise their achievements and contributions to their colleagues and to their workplace. I know how proud and excited I was just to be nominated.”

“When we heard that we won, we were screaming and there were tears”

Ivana Petrushevska from LIBERTY Skopje North Macedonia. Ivana, Maja Simonovska, and Vesna Velichkovska were winners of the ‘Sustainability I Social’ category for their internship programme.

“The first thing that came to my mind when I heard that we won? We were screaming and I can say that there were some tears. We were so happy. We felt like we did amazing job and someone saw that and we received a great recognition.”

“We were delighted to be recognised for our contributions to achieving carbon neutrality.”

Sean Cameron from SIMEC Lochaber Scotland. The Lochaber Energy and Marble Power team won the ‘CN30’ category for successfully entering Lochaber’s hydro plant into the UK’s balancing mechanism.

“We were delighted to be recognised for the award last year and to be recognised for our contributions to the company’s CN30 ambitions.”

“Winning means a lot but we’re even happier that we changed the way we work on safety.”

Marco Benti, Marco Rio, Damiano Scavo, and Giuseppe Ferrelli from LIBERTY Magona Italy. Winners of the ‘Sustainability I Economic’ category for successfully restarting the Paint Line 1 and Pickling Line after their shutdown.

“We’re happy with this result, but we are even happier that we have changed the way of work on safety.”

“Winning meant a lot to us because it gave the management and the group the opportunity to understand the value of our work and our skills. It’s been our crowning achievement.”

Entries are now closed. Thanks everyone for your nominations.

For work undertaken between January 2021 – June 2022

Good luck to you all!

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