Choosing to challenge workplace stereotypes

Choosing to challenge workplace stereotypes

As we acknowledge another International Women’s Day – a day designed to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness about women’s equality, and lobby for accelerated gender parity – we have the opportunity to listen and to attempt to understand the challenges and barriers women face, and we can work together to tackle those.

In our business (and our industry more broadly), we’ve got a lot of male representation! In fact, if you look at GFG Australia, we’re 89% male. Why does this matter? Well, the evidence is pretty clear – research tells us that companies that are diverse deliver stronger financial performances.

The IWD theme this year is ‘Choose to challenge’ and it encourages us to think about gender stereotypes, or commentary in the workplace, and for us to challenge our thinking and our behaviour.

Earlier this year we sat down with some men and women from our Tahmoor mine. Take a look at their heartwarming take on gender in the workplace:

Read more about International Women’s Day and learn how you can get involved here.

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