Częstochowa starts up solar farm to further its decarbonisation journey

Częstochowa starts up solar farm to further its decarbonisation journey

LIBERTY Częstochowa, the largest producer of low-carbon GREENSTEEL in Poland and Europe’s only producer of GREENSTEEL plate, has started up the first phase of a 3000 KWh solar farm next to its plate rolling mill in the first step towards becoming a fully carbon neutral steel producer.

The new solar farm will further reduce the plant’s carbon emissions and will also reduce energy costs.

The planning for a second phase of the project, which once completed later in the year will provide the plant with around 3000 kWh of renewable energy capacity, is already underway.

LIBERTY Częstochowa signed a contract with Solsafe, a highly experienced Polish solar installer from Bielsko-Biała, in December with the intention of commissioning the first part of the farm by the end of March. The current installation consists of 1,840 solar panels which will primarily power the equipment and lighting in the area of the plate cutting line.

The installation was switched on, on a test basis, by Krishnamoorthy Venkatasubramanian, CEO of LIBERTY Częstochowa and Zbigniew Churas, the plant’s chief energy specialist. Krish said at the formal switching on: “I am very pleased that this new solar farm has been installed and made operational so quickly. The electricity from these solar panels cover only part of the overall needs of the steelworks, but it’s a good step in the right direction. Once the remainder of the solar farm is in place we will be well on the way to achieving our carbon neutrality ambition.”

Częstochowa opens new solar farm

Caption [From left to right]: LIBERTY Częstochowa’s chief energy specialist Zbigniew Churas and CEO of LIBERTY Częstochowa Krishnamoorthy Venkatasubramanian

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