ESG Personality of the Month: Mirela Dobrota

In this interview series, we celebrate ESG achievements from across the GFG family. This time, we caught up with Mirela Dobrota, Head of the Environmental Protection Department at LIBERTY Galati, Romania.

Hi Mirela, there’s greater awareness now of the importance of environmental protection but what was it like when you first started?

Mirela: The field was very different when I began. I joined LIBERTY Galati in 1990 and found out about the role through my father-in-law, who worked at the steel plant. Now, my son also works here, so most of my family is involved somehow.

The beginning was a very difficult but also beautiful period. I was responsible for the entire environmental laboratory and had to start from zero. We developed new laboratories for soil and for air. Early on, people only saw importance in production but things have changed; it’s very clear that we have an environmental responsibility for our future.

Has your work changed how you live your life?

Mirela: Yes, it has changed the way I think. Working in environmental protection has made me pay more attention to what I consume, what I waste, and what I reuse. It has made me think about what I could do better and the responsibility to help others pay more attention to these things.

How does the work you do help us achieve our CN30 goals?

Mirela: We have obligations to monitor emissions regularly and report them to the environmental authorities. This is highly regulated and if we don’t comply, we risk the authorities suspending our permit. But it also helps us understand our CO2 emissions and the steps we need to take to transition to GREENSTEEL production. Our ambition to be carbon neutral by 2030 is a challenge but it’s also an advantage. There’s no other way.

What do you find most interesting about your role and its unique challenges?

Mirela: I feel that what I do has purpose because it’s for a better tomorrow. It’s a big responsibility. I also find my role interesting and challenging because I interact with such a variety of people from different areas – whether it’s environmental authorities, students, university researchers, or the European institutions.

What’s next for the Environmental Protection Department at LIBERTY Galati?

Mirela: There are always new or updated regulations to keep on top of like the European Trading System and the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. But aside from our regular activities, every year we celebrate World Environment Day on 5th June. This year, the theme is ‘Only One Earth’. We’ll be organising activities for colleagues to highlight how important it is to act for the environment – not just as employees but as human beings.

Thanks Mirela!

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