Finalists Revealed! The 2021 Chairman’s Global Excellence Awards top 24

Finalists Revealed! The 2021 Chairman’s Global Excellence Awards top 24

When Sanjeev put the call out for submissions for the first ever Chairman’s Global Excellence Awards, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. The event, which began in Australia, was initially created as a way to showcase and celebrate excellence aligned to our three values of Change, Family, and Sustainability. Taking it global was ambitious, and doing so during a pandemic more so. But our people came through!

We received hundreds of submissions with 160 team entries and 60 for individuals from 14 countries. The initiatives and achievements were diverse, but one theme was common: passionate people who care about making a difference.

The process so far: 1. Nominations. 2. Subject Matter Expert Round. 3. ExCo Judging Round (this is where we are now). 4. Winners announced (details coming soon).

We handed all entries over to a series of Subject Matter Expert judges. With 3 global senior leaders per panel, we had 8 panels – one for Family | Safety, one for Family | Partnerships, one for Sustainability | Social, and one for CN30. And we split the Change entries into two panels, and the Sustainability | Economic into two panels, due to the sheer volume of entries for those two categories.

After much deliberation – many hours of reading, as well as video calls for each panel to agree – we have our top 24 Finalists who will progress to the final judging round.

Without further ado, here are the 24 Finalists for 2021:

Chairman’s Excellence Award | Change

  • Rotherham Steel & Bar – GreBar Development Team
  • Kevin Ramke, Gary Sheasby, Wesley Grantham, Richard Winkless, Roger Biedenweg, Jules Kinslow
  • Petr Wojnar, Jakub Řezák, Petr Halama, Miroslav Vaněk plus we are adding also Proloy Mitra, Stanislav Wiechec and Martin Engliš
  • GFG Communications team
  • Environment & Community, Tahmoor Coal
  • Richard Fabík, Vít Baranec, Ladislav Válek, Tomáš Kubina, David Božoň and Pavla Jantošová


Chairman’s Excellence Award | Family – Safety

  • Longwall Team, Tahmoor Coal
  • Sean Ahearne
  • Alessandro Toninelli and Alberto Brocchi


Chairman’s Excellence Award | Family – Partnerships

  • LIBERTY Steel Georgetown Family
  • Sean Ahearne
  • GFG Communication

Chairman’s Excellence Award | Sustainability – Economic

  • Toni Pandilovski and Vlatko Dimishkovski
  • Red Brand Division, LIBERTY Steel USA
  • LIBERTY Powder Metals team
  • Australian Tax Team
  • PKL and OC1 restart team
  • Stephen Porter

Chairman’s Excellence Award | Sustainability – Social

  • InfraBuild Building Products Marketing Team
  • Ivana Petrushevska , Maja Simonovska , Vesna Velichkovska
  • Nathan Haddow

Chairman’s Excellence Award | CN30

  • Lochaber Energy & Marble Power teams
  • InfraBuild Construction Solutions – technical development
  • JAHAMA Highlands Estate

What happens next?

Sanjeev and the Global ExCo will now review all 24 Finalists and select seven winners – six category winners, and one overall best-of-the-best winner – to be announced during our Chairman’s Global Excellence Awards event in a few weeks’ time. We’ll share more details on the event and how you can be involved in the celebration in the coming weeks – so stay tuned.

To the Finalists, congratulations! To everyone who entered or submitted an entry for a colleague – thank you! The caliber of entries was incredibly high and the judging process was immensely difficult. The stories, projects, and initiatives you’ve shared will appear here on SPOKE in the months and weeks ahead – your work has quite simple been too good not to share, so thank you.



    • Satyendra Singh(Sk)
    • 30 June, 2021

    Corporate Treasury Team,

    • David Veteha
    • 2 July, 2021

    Well done to all finalists!


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