GFG Foundation expands into Romania

GFG Foundation expands into Romania

On Saturday 24 July, Sanjeev, celebrated the launch of the GFG Foundation in Romania. In front of LIBERTY Galaţi, the largest integrated steelworks in Romania.  Sanjeev welcomed a group of local political and educational stakeholders to the first step in the GFG Foundation’s expansion into Central Europe.

To mark the occasion, twelve young people received awards for their outstanding achievements in education and sport while four young people from the Paul Dimo Energy Technical College, which is affiliated with LIBERTY Galaţi, and six interns who joined the company on internships, were presented with symbolic awards. Finally, four employees also received awards, acknowledging their contribution and commitment to volunteering in the local community.

The GFG Foundation is a registered charity, which was founded by Sanjeev and his wife Nicola in the UK in 2017 before its expansion into Australia in 2019. Their vision is to develop educational programmes, through the GFG Foundation, which aim to give young people an insight into industry via real-world experiences, whilst developing confidence, communication and interpersonal skills. The Foundation works with education partners to help thousands of young people through science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and enterprise skills development, as well as inspiring students by showcasing opportunities in their community.

Speaking after the event, Sanjeev said: “Nicola and I started the Foundation in the UK to give something back to the local communities in which we have a business presence. Expanding into Australia and now Romania has been a very exciting journey and we have aspirations to grow the Foundation further. It’s about educating and inspiring young people in our communities, providing an insight into industry via real-world experiences and nurturing our innovators and entrepreneurs of the future.”

Aida Nechifor, (pictured left) the General Director of LIBERTY Galaţi, said:” We are always pleased to have Sanjeev with us here in Galaţi and more so when he is here to launch such a worthwhile programme. We have seen the brilliant results the Foundation has achieved in the UK and Australia and are very excited for the benefits it will bring to young people here in Romania, whether it is supporting their educational journey, providing them sporting opportunities or encouraging greater volunteering here in Galaţi.”

Initially, the focus for the Foundation will be to build on the successful education and community activities already in place in Galaţi and the surrounding area, such as the LIBERTY Galaţi Summer School programme, which is now into its tenth year, themed seminars and site visits for local schools. LIBERTY Galaţi has close links to universities at Galati, Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj and Constanta and is in the process of creating a GREENSTEEL Academy with Galaţi’s “Dunărea de Jos” University.


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