GFG Foundation supporting Industrial Cadet Awards

The GFG Foundation has again teamed up with EDT, a leading STEM focused education charity, to support Industrial Cadet Awards week. The Awards are a fantastic recognition of excellence and achievement of the emerging young talent in the UK. Thousands of young people have taken part in Industrial Cadet experiences this year and a number of these activities were supported by the GFG Foundation, including a virtual work experience programme in Scotland, work based projects with A Level students mentored by colleagues from across the GFG Alliance, and engaging with the ‘Did you know’ videos and workbooks.

Claire Neilson, Manager of the GFG Foundation in the UK, played an active role in the week, both judging and presenting and said: “It was great to witness the achievements of young people who have demonstrated exceptional passion and initiative during their Industrial Cadet experiences, showing first-hand how investment in tomorrow’s workforce can enrich industry today. The students learn so much from these programmes, both in terms of technical and interpersonal skills.”

Integral to the success of the programmes are work place mentors, and this year, the Foundation has again had valuable support from colleagues at LIBERTY Steel UK, ALVANCE and the JAHAMA Highland Estates. Claire continued: “We have such a powerful message to share with young people about the drive to achieve carbon neutrality across the GFG Alliance. Students are passionate about climate change, so I’d like to thank colleagues who took time out of their busy schedules to talk to young people about the ambitions of the business and dispel some of the myths about industry and manufacturing.”

For more information about the GFG Foundation or the Industrial Cadet programme, contact Claire by emailing

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