GFG Life Savers global rollout

Businesses across GFG Alliance’s global footprint marked World Steel Safety Day 2020 with a series of local launch events to introduce the GFG Life Savers to employees around the world.

The GFG Life Savers – a set of life saving behaviours that cover more than 80% of our critical incidents – are part of the Be GFG Safe global safety approach. An overview of the GFG Life Savers were captured in an introductory video.

Fran Nores, Global Head of Safety at GFG Alliance, says teams from Coventry to Acacia Ridge had enthusiastically embraced the Life Savers and opportunity to be part of a global rollout.

“Sites and businesses across Australia, Asia, Europe, UK and the US held toolbox talks and events to start the process of introducing the GFG Life Savers to our employees and embedding them into the way we go about our work every day,” Fran says.

“The events looked very different, depending on the type of business but also on the local context and situation with COVID-19 – all our sites complied with relevant COVID safe guidelines and measures as part of their launch events.”

“This is just the beginning really of a long running focus to embed these behaviours. We looked at our critical incident history, industry trends and consulted with our global network to develop this set of behaviours.

“Typically, it is only 8 to 12 different risks that cause more than 80% of the fatalities and critical incidents in the mining and metal industry.”

In Johnstown, in the US, LIBERTY Wire teams were taken through the GFG Life Savers guide and presentation.

In the UK, talks were held with LIBERTY Vehicle Products teams – observing social distancing measures – at Conventry and Kidderminster.

Similar toolbox and pre-start talks were held at sites across Europe. At Magona, in Italy, employees were given handouts of the translated Life Savers guide, while the introductory video was shown on screens around site.

Similar scenes, introducing the GFG Life Savers, were evident at Tilleur LIBERTY Steel, in Belgium (below left) and LIBERTY Galati, in Romania (below right).

In Australia, senior leaders visited sites and businesses on World Steel Safety Day. Businesses chose a range of ways to introduce the GFG Life Savers that included toolbox talks, morning and afternoon teas.

Fran says over the coming months, employees across GFG’s global businesses can expect to see further materials and information about the Life Savers, as the businesses work to embed the behaviours along with any local site or industry relevant measures already in place.

“The suite of materials developed to support the launch are available in multiple languages through The Hub – GFG’s global intranet,” Fran says.

“I look forward to working with our senior leaders and global safety network to embed this new approach across our businesses so that everyone is able to work safe and go home safe, every day.”

Take a look through the GFG Life Savers launch on World Steel Safety Day 2020 photo gallery.

(PLEASE NOTE: Images will show different levels of COVID-19 preventative measures adopted across our businesses that are appropriate for the geography and local context).

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