InfraBuild at the Future of Construction Summit (FCON) 2022

InfraBuild at the Future of Construction Summit (FCON) 2022

InfraBuild prides itself on redefining steel as a green building material and is helping companies everywhere improve the sustainability credentials of its projects.

Recently, InfraBuild’s Head of Sustainability, Innovation, and Trade, Steve Porter, spoke at the Future of Construction Summit (FCON) 2022 in Sydney. Hosted by the Australian Constructors Association, FCON is the pre-eminent conference for the construction industry in Australia.

Some of the key opportunities Steve spoke of to enhance capability and capacity in the construction industry supply chain include: ​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Digital adoption through the full supply chain
  • Aligning innovation criteria with bid criteria
  • Optimising resources through early engagement in projects

Commenting on the event, Steve said: “I think the most important thing that came out of today is the concept of collaboration but also perhaps a deeper understanding of what it actually means; in particular, using sustainability as a safe forum where the industry can engage and optimise what collaboration is actually about. Another concept that is really important for us is early engagement. That is, with all participants in the supply chain and what they can do around efficiency, minimising waste through the supply chain, and ultimately supporting a successful, sustainable construction industry.”

Click here to find our more about what InfraBuild is doing to build a more sustainable future.

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