LIBERTY Galați runs COVID 19 vaccination campaign.

LIBERTY Galați runs COVID 19 vaccination campaign.

LIBERTY Galați has been running a COVID 19 vaccination campaign to give people the facts around the COVID vaccine and encourage colleagues, through example, to get vaccinated.

The result has been very positive with long queues at vaccination centres.

People in the steel industry have always been strong, determined, hardworking, tough, just like the product of their work: the steel. Now, in the context of the pandemic crisis, the word “steel” acquires new meanings – responsibility, immunity and resilience against the disease that threatens humanity. After almost 20 months since the pandemic broke out, vaccination remains the safest solution we have against the virus. That is why some of our colleagues whom we appreciate very much got involved voluntarily in order to draw attention to the importance of the vaccine against COVID-19.

Here are some of the voices that share with us about the vital importance of vaccination:

Nelu Radu, Dispatcher Sintering – Raw Materials Plant, an active supporter of the employees’ rights for many years, comes from a family of steelmakers. He understood how important it is to strictly follow the rules on hygiene and physical distancing, managing thus to protect his parents and colleagues from getting the disease, after having been infected himself. Due to the full-scheme vaccination, he and his family are now in good condition.



Mirela Dobrotă, Head of Environment  Department perceives the threat of the pandemic

just as the global warming crisis and calls for responsibility to each and every one of us to protect ourselves, to protect our colleagues and families and – in the future – to protect the environment.




Iulian Neacsu, Foreman Rolling Line HMS, kept his health by strictly observing the sanitary and distancing rules while working among sick mates. He got the immunization as soon as the vaccine became available and promotes the need for vaccination among his relatives and colleagues.

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    • Adrian Iordan
    • 25 November, 2021

    M-am vaccinat cu ambele doze, urmeaza booster-ul, pentru a-mi proteja familia si colegii. Nu dau doi bani pe textele conspirationiste antivaccin promovate pe diferite canale media. Fa-o si tu! Alege sa fii sanatos!


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