LIBERTY Galați targeting the hiring of 650 new employees in 2021

LIBERTY Galați targeting the hiring of 650 new employees in 2021

LIBERTY Steel Group, is targeting the hiring of almost 650 new employees at LIBERTY Galați in 2021, with at least 100 more roles to be filled by the end of the year. The expansion highlights LIBERTY Galați ’s ongoing transformation strategy, with 100 new roles having been created by the plant’s increased production and its digitalisation and automation projects.
LIBERTY Steel Group employs around 7,000 people in Romania, of whom more than 1,100 are women, making it one of the country’s largest employers. The team’s expansion is supporting LIBERTY Galați i’s growth over 2021, with the plant now targeting an annual production of 3 million tonnes of steel.
Paramjit Kahlon, CEO of LIBERTY Steel Group Primary Steel and Mining, said: “Our group’s vision is to transform LIBERTY Galați into a company of the future through sustainability, digitalization and upskilling. We have a transformational plan – GREENSTEEL – to produce carbon-neutral steel, which combines innovative technologies with renewable energy and steel scrap recycling. Our human resources strategy places the LIBERTY team at the heart of this transformation. We intend to strengthen the team further, attracting more young people to help us transform the steel industry and investing in upskilling our people to develop and use the technologies of the future.”

The strategy of LIBERTY Galați includes a range of upskilling, development and training programmes in collaboration with the GREENSTEEL Academy, as well as comprehensive health and safety programmes. The company has recently launched an accelerated learning programme, which has already led to 84 employees being trained with 100 employees to benefit soon. In collaboration with the Galați County Employment Agency, LIBERTY Galați continues the project of training future workers through the local Apprenticeship School.
Mihaela Vereș, Head of Human Resources at LIBERTY Galați , said: “We have a huge responsibility to our team, their families and our communities to deliver sustainable jobs. That’s why we make huge efforts to ensure the wellbeing and stability of our team. Some of our employees – true ‚people of steel’ – have now retired after working 30-40 years with us, and we want to create more long term jobs though our GREENSTEEL transformation plan. We need new people -from IT specialists to engineers to apprentices – to help us build the future of LIBERTY Galați .”
In order to encourage more young people into the steel industry and help develop more sustainable production methods, the company launched GREENSTEEL Academy in collaboration with energy and academia partners, including the University “Dunărea de Jos” of Galați who supports us in building a mentorship programme for students. In addition, LIBERTY Steel Group’s global specialists – with an extensive expertise in the steel industry and advanced technologies – work closely with the teams in Galați to innovate future solutions for employees, customers, partners and the Romanian society.

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