LIBERTY Ostrava contribute to road safety training for children

LIBERTY Ostrava contribute to road safety training for children

Health and safety is a priority not just for our workers on the shop floor but it is something we want to instil in children from an early age. Colleagues from LIBERTY Ostrava in the Czech Republic did not hesitate when they were asked by the local community to help them build a new traffic playground at a kindergarten in Slezsk√° Ostrava.

The traffic playground at the kindergarten on Zámostní street in Slezská Ostrava was built in 2017. It became popular with children not only from the particular daycarecentre but also from the other kindergartens and elementary schools from the surroundings. So, its capacity soon became insufficient. The council of Slezská Ostrava decided to expand the playground and equip it with new traffic lights and signs, electric cars and pushbikes which LIBERTY Ostrava contributed to.

The new enhanced playground was officially opened on Monday 8 September with representatives of the community, kindergarten and all participating partners including LIBERTY Ostrava in attendance. The long-awaited moment arrived and children could start learning how to behave on the roads, what to do at a railway crossing, to stop when the red light is on and what to do at a roundabout.  The newly installed traffic lights have exactly the same look as those on real roads so, the impression of real traffic is perfect.  After the completion of the project, the capacity of the playground has increased to twenty children at a time in order to accommodate the needs of local pre-school and school kids from the city district of Slezská Ostrava.

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