LIBERTY Ostrava gives positive update on transformation plan progress

LIBERTY Ostrava gives positive update on transformation plan progress

LIBERTY Ostrava has given a positive update on the progress of its multi-billion Czech Crown transformational plan to be a producer of carbon neutral GREENSTEEL by 2030. It is now in the process of evaluating the final tenders from potential suppliers of the two hybrid furnaces which are at the centre of the plan and expects to select the chosen supplier very shortly.

The company initiated a public tender process for the furnaces in November 2020 and has been evaluating offers from a number of technology providers since then. However, LIBERTY’s technical project specialists and the Ostrava team have also been assessing the feasibility of using a range of different charge materials, such as scrap DRI and/or Hot briquetted Iron (HBI), which would provide the plant with even greater flexibility in the future. This highly detailed work led to the furnaces’ specifications and suppliers’ offers being updated.

The Ostrava team have also reached some other important milestones:
• The EU Modernisation Fund has given its preliminary approval to the subsidies for the proposed investment and LIBERTY Ostrava is close to submitting its final application.
• Applications have been made to the State Environmental Fund (SFŽP) for subsidies to support the installation of dedusting units for the new furnaces, with approvals received for one already.
• The project team at LIBERTY Ostrava has started work on the documentation required to get the required zoning, design and building permits.

Sambit Beborta, Director of Technology for LIBERTY Steel Group Europe, who is leading the team responsible for the project’s preparation, said: “I am pleased that this modernisation project, which is highly complex in terms of technology, process and finance, is now starting to gather momentum. We still have a huge amount of work to do, but in the end LIBERTY Ostrava will become one of the most modern GREENSTEEL plants in the world with high productivity and very low environmental impacts.”

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