LIBERTY Ostrava – “On a Bike to Work“ challenge

LIBERTY Ostrava – “On a Bike to Work“ challenge

In the Czech Republic, the eleventh year of the “On a Bike to Work“ challenge is currently underway.

The event motivates the population to change their habits and travel more actively and in a more healthy way, at the same time contributing to reducing emissions from car transport.

The goal is to ride a bike during the month of May or run or walk as many kilometres as possible – to get to work and back but also outside work. It’s not about giving sports performances, but finding out that regular active movement is healthy and fun and ideally, getting used to the “new” way of travelling and continuing even after the event.

Fifty employees from LIBERTY Ostrava and its subsidiaries have accepted the May challenge. It is three times more than last year and a new record for the steelworks.

“I’ve been cycling to work for 27 years and I still enjoy it,“ says Zbyněk Najvert, LIBERTY Ostrava employee.  “Now, during the time of the pandemic, I enjoy it perhaps even more. It was not difficult to invite colleagues from work and establish our cycling team ‘Klika 13’. I have already reached more than 900 km to work and back on my bike this year. I’m looking forward to seeing how much we will ride together as a team and how we will rank among others.” LIBERTY Ostrava has offered its employees who successfully complete the challenge to have their entry fee for the challenge refunded. They will also reward the best performances of teams and individuals.


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