LIBERTY Ostrava to start selling rebar to Romania

LIBERTY Ostrava to start selling rebar to Romania

LIBERTY Ostrava has received the technical certification required to allow it to start exporting reinforcing steel bars (rebar) to Romania. The mill has received technical certification of AT 003-01/153-2021 to produce reinforcing bars with a diameter 10-32 mm of B500C steel grade.

The rebars from Ostrava are already used to reinforce concrete for buildings, bridges and roads across the Czech Republic as well as Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia.

Romania should be a strong new market for the mill as the country has few domestic rebar manufacturers, and so imports around 1 million tonnes a year. Romania is planning a massive infrastructure programme as part of the rebuilding of its economy following the pandemic. economy following the pandemic.

The Ostrava mill manufactures over 100 thousand tonnes of rebars each year and last month it registered a record volume of more than 28 thousand tonnes.

Our steel plant in Romania, LIBERTY Galaţi produces a wide range of quality flat products (plates, coils, galvanized sheets & coils and organic coated products) as well as welded tubular products, but not rebar.

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