LIBERTY Ostrava embraces virtual reality
Virtual reality (VR) isn’t just for gaming. The immersive technology is now being embraced by other industries – including ours.
A great example of how we are embracing change and helping our people adapt is LIBERTY Ostrava in the Czech Republic, who have found VR to be a helpful tool for their GREENSTEEL transformation.

New technologies are constantly emerging and the future will bring changes in how we work. That’s why an important part of LIBERTY Ostrava’s GREENSTEEL transformation is preparing employees in digitalisation and automation.

GREENSTEEL Academy developed the programmes to help employees gain digital skills and competencies, including how to navigate cyberspace and be aware of the potential risks they can be exposed to on the internet.

But it isn’t just digital-savviness that colleagues at Ostrava learnt through VR. It also brought a new dimension to improving their safety skills.

Using VR headsets, employees identified safety risks on the shop floor. Thanks to the local maintenance team which scanned some of the key operations of the mill with its 3D camera, the training took place in safe virtual environment which simulates the real conditions on the shop floor.

Last year, a total of 61 employees went through the programme because training was limited by COVID-19 restrictions. This year, LIBERTY Ostrava is resuming the VR training and is planning to use it as part of the new GFG behavioural programme Safety Connect, part of Be GFG Safe.

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