2018 in Review

Throughout 2018 we made incredible progress towards our vision of building an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future for industry and society.

We started this journey just four years ago, and in those four years we have already taken huge strides forward in developing our global network, and laying the foundations for future success.

We established strong branding across the GFG group that unites us all and reinforces our core values of Family, Change and Sustainability.

These values guide the way we behave, and set us apart from our competitors, because it’s not just what you do that matters, but how you do it.

We’ve also made major moves to expand globally.

In the US, we brought the Georgetown steel works back online, have invested in a steel recycling facility in Florida, are establishing a New York regional head office, and have recently signed an agreement to acquire Keystone Consolidated Industries which will position Liberty Steel as one of the foremost producers of wire rod in the US.

In Europe, our intended steel acquisitions in Romania, Macedonia, Italy, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Luxemburg are set to double the size of our workforce and global production capacity, giving us a strong presence in the heart of the continent’s key manufacturing regions. We also recently completed our purchase of Europe’s largest aluminium smelter, Aluminium Dunkerque, now Liberty Aluminium Dunkerque (LAD).

In the UK, we have worked hard making investments to upgrade plants and ramp up production, giving our businesses the opportunity to reach critical mass.  As we witness green shoots of turnaround and evidence of success, 2018 will prove to be a foundation year for our UK industrial business with rewards being reaped for years to come.

In India, we are slowly but surely aiming to build our footprint in this growing market with IBC and corporate reform opening the way.

And in Australia, we are working hard to build a competitive and robust industrial business, with major investments to revitalise the Whyalla steelworks along with important energy and coal acquisitions. In 2019 this will accelerate further with a potential partial ASX listing of a part of our business.

We’re also building our renewable energy capacity to power our operations sustainably and generate green energy for the industry. Some of these projects include the development of a Solar Farm in Whyalla, South Australia and a Wind Farm on our estate in Glenshero, Scotland.

Finally, we’re looking at ways to build our Wyelands financial business so it can support the growth of our businesses and the broader industry.

Thank you for all your hard work over the last year. The contribution you all make defines our success and I want you to know how valued it is.

Together, we make a great team.

I’m proud of what the GFG family has achieved so far and am looking forward to the year ahead.

Kind regards,

Sanjeev Gupta
GFG Alliance Executive Chairman

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