Royal Family visits LIBERTY Galati

Colleagues at LIBERTY Galati in Romania welcomed the Romanian Royal Family at the launch of GFG Foundation’s dual education programme.

Her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Crown of Romania, His Royal Highness Prince Radu of Romania, Her Royal Highness Princess Sophie of Romania and other representatives of the Romanian Royal Household met with employees at Galati.

GFG Foundation partnered with the local ‘Paul Dimo’ Vocational School in Galati to launch the new dual education programme. 20 students in ninth grade will benefit from a mixture of vocational and technical training. LIBERTY Galati mentors will help students with practical activities designed to develop not only their technical skills but also their life skills such as teamwork, communication and confidence building.

Sanjeev said: “I am very honoured Her Majesty and their Royal Highnesses were able to join us at LIBERTY Galati for this special day. The Foundation’s aim is to give students some important skills to help them towards being job-ready after school. These learning programmes are designed to involve students in problem solving real-world issues that are happening in their local communities, helping to close the emerging skills gap, particularly in science and engineering. Our programmes help to nurture the innovators and entrepreneurs of the future and I can think of nowhere better to launch the dual learning programme than here at LIBERTY Galati, where we have exciting plans to be a GREENSTEEL producer of the future.”

Caption above: The Romanian Royal Family with students from Paul Dimo School, children of LIBERTY Galati employees, Principal of Paul Dimo School Prof. Anca Ușer, General Manager GFG Alliance & GFG Foundation Georgina Crumpton, and General Director of LIBERTY Galati Aida Nechifor

Georgina Crumpton, General Manager GFG Alliance & GFG Foundation said: “The dual education programme aims to develop both technical and interpersonal skills – communication, collaboration, and self-confidence. In addition, GFG Foundation students will also work with UK-based education provider Rewise Learning, who will deliver a bespoke programme, resulting in an additional UK accredited qualification. Throughout the programme there is a strong focus on building self-esteem, so that students develop a confidence in using their own voice, expressing their points of view, so they are better able to navigate an adult world after school. The GFG Foundation is pleased to support this educational programme and the young people in Galati.”

Aida Nechifor, General Director of LIBERTY Galati added: “LIBERTY Galati is undergoing an extensive process of transformation into a GREENSTEEL producer by 2030. This transformation will only be possible with a well-trained team of specialists. That is why we are happy to support this programme and to welcome the GFG Foundation students to learn more about future job opportunities and how industry is changing from the best possible mentors. I also congratulate the parents who encourage their children towards industry, because in doing so, we are building the green future of our community and our country.”

Prof. Anca Ușer, Principal of the “Paul Dimo” Vocational School said: “I warmly invite the 8th grade students to apply to this unique programme in the country! We are excited to collaborate with the GFG Foundation and LIBERTY Galati to develop new learning methods such as this dual education project. Starting this autumn we are opening for the first-time innovative courses for future electricians, where students will actively learn both in the classroom and alongside specialists. I am also pleased to see the growing interest of the business community in training the workforce.”

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