Special edition podcast: Chairman’s Awards 2022
This is a special edition episode about the Chairman’s Global Excellence Awards 2022.
We’ll be hearing from colleagues about their achievements and finding out how you can get involved. 6 mins

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0:00:00 JINgle ‘Spoken’ from GFG Alliance.
0:00:03 CHLOE TILLEY Hello and welcome to ‘Spoken’, the podcast for GFG Alliance colleagues across the world. I’m Chloe Tilley, and this episode is a special edition about the upcoming ‘Chairman’s Global Excellence Awards 2022’.

Now, in the spirit of the Awards, we’re going to be hearing from colleagues across the business about their achievements, and telling you how you can take part in the Awards by submitting an entry either as an individual or as part of a team. But first, here’s Sanjeev Gupta, Executive Chairman, GFG Alliance.

0:00:33 SANJEEV GUPTA As many of you know, over the past 12 months, we have seen a significant number of wins, big and small, from record production to successful implementation of smart local initiatives, leading to improvements in safety and wellbeing, customer satisfaction, product innovation, and efficiency gains across many areas. Time for us to recognise the contributions you have already made to the business, ideas and contributions that are wild and wishful, simple and surprising, or even surprisingly simple. So, here’s our chance to celebrate your work and intelligence and wisdom that you bring to us all.
0:01:10 CHLOE TILLEY Let’s reflect on some of those contributions and achievements now. Recently, students from Rotherham in the UK celebrated their graduation from the GFG Foundation programme, with the help of mentors from LIBERTY Steel. We spoke with some of the students to find out what they thought about the Foundation’s programme.
0:01:28 STUDENT 1 I really loved the design aspect of the project. I loved working on the building and making it how I wanted it to look like and how others wanted it to look like.
0:01:36 STUDENT 2 I really enjoyed the researching aspect and learning all about the sustainable things we could do to improve the building.
0:01:43 STUDENT 3 I particularly enjoyed how STEM has applications into real-world jobs, like how chemistry links into metal work.
0:01:50 STUDENT 4 I think I really learnt how to manage a team and the programmes you can use.
0:01:54 student 5 I have enjoyed the programme and I would definitely recommend it to other students, because it opens lots of doors in the future.
0:02:01 wayne tullet The students have learnt quite a lot from the mentors. They’ve been sharing different skills that they’ve used in industry, especially on the planning side. The mentors have also given a presentation during the project about their different roles in LIBERTY Steel.
0:02:14 chloe tilley Wayne Tullet there from the Wath Academy in Rotherham, along with some of the Foundation students.

Well, also there’s been a celebration of achievements at SIMEC’s Tahmoor Colliery in Australia. The mine’s CABA, that’s Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus, Rescue Team was recently crowned the winner of the highly competitive Southern Mines Rescue Station Competition. Here’s Peter Vale, Executive General Manager of Coal Mining Operations at SIMEC Mining, to tell us more.

0:02:42 peter vale The Mines Rescue Brigade’s members learn valuable skills through their training with Southern Mines Rescue. They then apply those skills in the workplace on an everyday basis, not just for themselves, but for their workmates. So, the competition is a range of different exercises, first aid, general mining practices, where the team get to apply the skills that they’ve learnt in a competitive environment. The team was led by Adrian Rogers, Vice-Captain Joe Bassil, with Sam Bray, Abbey Ullrich, Shane Fulko making up the rest of the team. Unfortunately, Dan Kouzan was unavailable on the day, so Tony Davis from the nearby Dendrobium mine stood in for him and did a marvellous job.
0:03:20 chloe tilley Thank you very much there to Peter Vale. A fantastic result for the team and the mine, highlighting their safety and their rescue skills.

Now, last time, the prestigious ‘Chairman’s Global Excellence Awards’ had 220 nominations from 14 countries, recognising colleagues’ outstanding work and contributions. So, we asked some of last year’s winners why colleagues should nominate people this time and get involved.

0:03:46 JASON FORD Hello, I’m Jason Ford from LIBERTY Steel, Georgetown. I encourage everyone to enter this Award because back in 2021, when we found out that we won, it was such an amazing feeling. Every day I come to work now and I see that banner, it’s like just an awesome feeling.
0:04:05 SEAN AHERNE Hello, I’m Sean Aherne from InfraBuild Laverton. I would encourage everyone to enter the Awards, because nominating someone means that you recognise their achievements and their contribution to their colleagues and to their workplace. I know how proud and excited I was just to be nominated.
0:04:22 SEAN CAMERON Hello, I’m Sean Cameron a power plant controller from Lochaber smelter in Scotland. Last year, we won the ‘Chairman’s Global Excellence Awards’ in the CN30 category. We were delighted to win the Award and be recognised for our contribution to the CN30 ambitions of the company.
0:04:40.2 MARCO RIO






We participated in this award by restarting the painting line 1 and the pickling line.

Participating in these types of recognition has truly been the crowning achievement of the commitment we have put into carrying out our business.

For us, the victory of this award meant a lot because it gave the management and the group the opportunity to understand the value of our work and our skills.

0:05:03 chloe tilley From LIBERTY Magona in Italy there, you heard from Marco Rio, Electrical Manager Pickling; Damiano Scavo, Electrical Manager Painting, and also from Giuseppe Ferrelli, Engineering Department Manager. They were talking about how they participated in the Awards, the recognition of their work commitment, and how winning meant a lot because their skills were understood and valued. Okay, just before we give you details about how you can get involved. Here’s Sanjeev with details of the Award categories.
0:05:33 sanjeev gupta Change, Family and Sustainability. This year, there is a new Award for small projects that make a big impact, and then of course our Shine Award for the supreme winner. So, may I thank you for your hard work to date, and encourage you to think about your future work and submit an entry, either as an individual or as part of a team. I am really looking forward to reviewing and seeing everything that you propose.
0:05:59 chloe tilley Thank you, Sanjeev. So, here’s how you can take part. Look for the ‘Chairman’s Global Excellence Awards 2022’ banner at the top of the page on the Spoke website. Next to that click on ‘Entries Now Open’, and you can choose your language. The closing date for your entry is the 16th of September. So, do get your nominations in as soon as possible.
0:06:21 jingle ‘Spoken’ back soon.

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Special edition podcast: Chairman’s Awards 2022