Think you can spot a hazard?

Did you know that working at height is one of our industry’s most hazardous activities?

How many hazards do you think you can spot? Test yourself by playing this game:

Working at heights has been the number one cause of fatalities and serious injuries over the past decade, according to WorldSteel. This game is designed to help us be alert to the risks, so why not challenge your colleagues to beat your score?

The Health & Safety team and local communications support analysed past falls from height at LIBERY Steel UK and created the game around the most common causes and scenarios.

​​​​​​​Remember, we only work at heights if we have adequate fall prevention measures in place and have ruled out all other ways of doing the task.

GFG LifeSavers helps us keep each other safe. While working at height, we:

  • Always use fall prevention equipment that is in good condition and has been tagged and inspected before use.
  • Attach personal fall protection equipment to a suitable anchor point.
  • Introduce additional controls before removing fall prevention barriers, surface covers or flooring.
  • Never climb onto the middle or top rail of an elevated working platform.
  • Check that scaffolds have been inspected and tagged before use.
  • Always control the risk of falling objects by establishing an exclusion zone and containing tools and equipment.

Learn more about Working at Height Life Savers critical behaviours, part of Be GFG Safe

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