Three years of I Am Here

The I Am Here programme is the element of Be GFG Safe, our global safety policy, that focuses on our Mental Health & Wellbeing. We are now in our third year of the I Am Here programme and have seen fantastic examples of our people around the world getting involved.

“World Mental Health Day on 10th October is an opportunity to raise awareness of mental health issues and to talk about what more needs to be done to help each other. I Am Here is one of the many avenues we have at GFG for people to seek help.”

GFG Global Head of Safety, Fran Nores

The I Am Here programme helps us support team members, cultivate new daily habits and re-enforce the message that mental health is just as important as physical health.

In Skopje, North Macedonia, for example, an incredible 92% of our people have undertaken training to give us the courage and skills to support one another’s mental health and wellbeing and, more broadly, to promote a culture of care.

Remember, it’s ok not to feel ok and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help.

Check out our people in LIBERTY Galati and LIBERTY Ostrava taking the I Am Here training:

To get involved, visit

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