Visionary ‘Next-Gen’ Mega Steel Plant for Whyalla

Visionary ‘Next-Gen’ Mega Steel Plant for Whyalla

Following our ground-breaking announcement on progressing the Whyalla Transformation Program with over $A600m in contracts signed to upgrade the operations, our Executive Chairman, Sanjeev Gupta, shared plans for a visionary ‘Next-Gen’ mega steel plant for Whyalla, signing an engineering contract with CISDI for the ambitious project.

Our cutting-edge transformation plans for our existing steel plant are just the beginning of what GFG Alliance has in store for the region.

Utilising almost perfect local conditions – our own infrastructure including a deep-sea port; rich local resources; and unrivalled community passion – we now plan to build a new steel plant, one of the world’s largest, right here in Whyalla.

Liberty Next-Gen Steel’ will be the largest in the Western world, capable of producing 10 million tonnes per year, with the ability and infrastructure to double capacity in time.

The project will be based on state-of-the-art technologies and best-in-class environmental measures. It will focus on production of semi-finished steel – slabs, blooms and billets – exported to downstream operations in key strategic and growing markets around the world.

Using the most advanced technologies and our own local resources, we will aim to be one of the most competitive steel producers globally, Sanjeev said.

Thousands of job opportunities will be created throughout the construction phase and from the plant’s ongoing operations.

This will see a new generation of steel-makers proudly competing on the world stage, and reflects our desire to transform Whyalla into both an Australian and global powerhouse of industry for generations to come.

City of Whyalla Mayor, Clare McLaughlin, welcomed the pioneering project.

This once-in-a-lifetime development demonstrates that GFG is committed to Whyalla for decades to come.

This is a major boost for our long-term outlook, and gives Whyalla City Council and other industries and businesses more confidence to be able to plan for the future.

The plant will also have state-of-the-art environmental controls, which is yet another positive for the community on top of the financial investment and job creation.

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