Building a culture of care

Building a culture of care

In an industrial environment where operational safety is critical, our health and wellbeing can be overlooked, instead of being viewed as the foundation to a safe workplace.

That is why our new health and safety strategy, Be GFG Safe, includes health and wellbeing as one of its strategic pillars. Our health supports our operational safety.

We know from our Your Voice surveys and the global COVID-19 People Check-In, that health and wellbeing is an area people care about and want more support with.

This is particularly the case as we manage COVID-19 and its impact on our business, and the unprecedented changes we have had to make to our personal lives.

This is an extremely important issue for us all, and as a business we are doing something about it.

To start, we are introducing a learning and support program focussed on health and wellbeing called ‘I Am Here’ in English to businesses in Australia, the UK and America to help our employees to actively focus on their wellbeing and to support others.

This is just the first step. We are also piloting the learning and support resources in our European businesses, sharing health and wellbeing articles featuring advice from healthcare professionals on Spoke and developing a longer-term strategy to build a culture of care across all countries.

To learn more about I Am Here and to sign up to participate please follow the link below.

I Am Here – Sign Up

By signing up to I Am Here, you could make all the difference to someone you care about or, maybe, someone you may not know all that well and offer the gift of care.

If you have any difficulty accessing the program, please contact

The program is in English only now, but we will also soon be piloting the program in our European businesses with a desire to translate it into other languages in the future.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to your Leader, HR contacts or Safety specialists.

Please join us and spread the word. Together we can make a difference.

It’s ok not to feel ok; and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help.

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