Aussie Summer Safety series: returning to work

Aussie Summer Safety series: returning to work

In 2020, almost 40% of our lost time injuries for the year occurred in January and February alone. This is typically a high-risk time of year for us, so we need to make sure we are all well-rested, focused and ready to work safely.

After taking a break from work, whether it’s for a few days or weeks, we must consider what could have changed in the workplace while we were away and switch back on to safety.

You can do this by:

  • Paying attention to any notices or alerts that were issued in your absence
  • Listening at your prestart and toolbox meetings for any important information
  • Revisiting your risk assessments to refresh your memory on safe work methods
  • Participating in any refresher inductions or training that is required
  • Looking at your work area with fresh eyes – look for hazards and report any unsafe conditions
  • Using the ‘Take 2: Stop-Think-Go’ process to get back into a safe mindset
  • Communicating with others – if you are not sure about something, ask
  • Watching out for each other and intervening if you see someone at risk.
  • Following the GFG Life Savers for our critical risks.

Here’s our Returning to Work poster to print and display at your site.

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